Most Women Have Been on a Diet

Most women in the UK have been on a diet, with 40 per cent of women who have dieted ending up heavier than when they began their diet.
This is the finding of brand new study.
The average female dieter in fact gains 5.2 lbs, with 40 per cent of them then witnessing the pounds coming back on within 21 days.
An astonishing 61.4 per cent of adults in the UK are overweight or obese .
Long term weight management necessitated a firm and long term commitment to lose weight and keep it off.
Many women play with dieting by undertaking unhealthy yo-yo diets or opting for quick fix solutions, as opposed to commencing with a long-term healthy eating relationship.
The danger otherwise is that you end up putting on more weight than the weight you started dieting at.

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