Obese Individuals Are Not As Wired to Diet

A new international study has uncovered why certain people consume a high-fat diet and can remain slim, whilst others simply put on weight .
Researchers have discovered that for certain individuals a high-fat diet renders some brain cells to become insulated from the body.
This prevents crucial signals from reaching the brain, that is, those which inform the body to cease eating and burn calories by means of exercise .
The Monash University research team, based in Australia, stated that these findings highlight a significant link in addressing the obesity issue.
Consumption of a high fat diet triggers more ‘insulation’ in nerve cells, making it even harder for the brain to assist that individual to lose weight .
This does not mean that those who are obese are lacking in willpower.
Their brains are not as aware of how full they are or the amount of fat they have stored, hence, the brain does not give the body the signal to stop refuelling. Hence. the body’s ability to lose weight is considerably lessened.

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