Post Diet Weight Gain Could be Due to Pre Diet Hormones

Dieting itself can prove difficult enough. However, It is often more difficult keeping off the weight after dieting.
New research shows that levels of appetite hormone in the body prior to dieting can predict the number of pounds that pile back on after dieting.
Researchers studied appetite hormone levels amongst 104 obese and overweight men and women.
The participants adhered to an eight-week long diet and their fasting hormone levels were checked 32 weeks later. One of those hormones, ghrelin, enhances appetite, with levels increasing prior to eating. Leptin allows the brain to know that the body has eaten enough, decreasing appetite.
At the end of the eight-week diet, participants lost around 5% of their body weight and reduced body mass index, waist circumference and fat mass.
At 32 weeks, 55 people had kept the weight off, with 49 regaining 10% or more of their weight loss .
Researchers found that that individuals with higher levels of leptin and lower levels of ghrelin prior to dieting were more likely to regain the weight that they had lost.

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