Pressure Regarding Looks Triggers Girls to Diet

Many young girls and women go on strict diets to look attractive so a recent survey has shown.
66% of Scottish respondents stated that the most negative part of being female is the pressure to look attractive is; 47% of respondents shared this view across the UK.
Girlguiding UK interviewed 1200 girls and young women aged from 7 to 21.
In 2009, 42% said they had been on diets; 75 per cent said that it was to be attractive to others, with 66% stating that it was due to the media’s portrayal of women.
Girlguiding UK has been campaigning for compulsory labelling of airbrushed pictures in magazines, due to the fact that another survey uncovered that a majority of young girls are highly influenced by such images.
It is imperative that young girls and women are aware that it is not healthy to be stick thin and size zero is not something to be sought after.
Like everyone else, a healthy well balanced diet and regular exercise are imperative to healthy living .

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