Dipe is Latest Celebrity Diet Craze

The latest celebrity diet craze is DIPE, or, Documented Instance of Public Eating.
Here a waif like woman eats a meal fit for a lorry driver with the intention of satisfying all those around her that she really does and can eat, instead of playing with a plateful of salad.
Celebrities are not only those who are promoted for their fad diets, they are also those who like to promote their love for certain foods.
Cameron Diaz loves her burgers; Victoria Beckham adores her fries and Beyonce Knowles finds butter pecan ice cream most appetising.
So what is the point of DIPE when for six out of seven days you are subsisting on a diet of not much?
There are many emotions involved with dieting . Many celebrities are now aware that not to be seen eating anything substantial is unappealing.
Men like women to eat and many women in fact feel threatened by women who diet constantly.
Celebrities must also be sick of being continuously criticised for being stick thin.

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