Fat Families Given Dietary and Shopping Lessons

The Manchester Evening News recently reported that families with obese children are going to be offered free supermarket trips as well as dietary lessons on purchasing healthy foods.
These practical sessions are going to be part of a healthy lifestyle programme which would normally cost £400. However, many people with restricted incomes in Manchester are going to be provided these lessons free. The bill will be met by NHS Manchester and Manchester City Council.
A total of 30 families will be given this training. They ought to have a minimum of one overweight child aged between seven and 13. The ten week long course is going to enable families get healthier, fitter and happier. Participants will be informed about good nutrition and ways in which to maintain a balanced diet.
Parents are going to be asked to set their own weight loss targets, and children will have to participate in regular games. A quarter of children in Greater Manchester are overweight.
A quarter of adults in Greater Manchester are obese, so, families are going to be encouraged to stop eating junk food and swap their unhealthy diet for one with lots of fruit and veg.

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