Kate Middleton Wedding Diet

Is it our imagination or has Kate Middleton lost weight over the last few months? Of course she is likely to be feeling the pressure of the imminent wedding.
Her new stream lined figure looks like it could be result of dieting . In her tight-fitting navy suit, Kate appears visibly thinner than four months ago when the Royal engagement was announced.
She is also a lot thinner than six years ago when she was a student . The impact of the weight loss is especially noticeable on her face. She was around a size 10 to 12 University. Now she appears to be a size 6.
On a recent visit to Belfast, Kate informed the audience that she was on a wedding diet . A well wisher said she did not need to undergo any further weight loss; Kate’s response was that it was “all part of the wedding plan”.
Her mum Carole is known to be an advocate of the Dukan diet, a high- protein, low-carb diet plan which originated in France. Other Dukan diet advocates include Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman.
Dukan diet adherent eat fish, lean meat and fat-free dairy products; they also drink just water, coffee and tea . Dieticians have gone on record to say that the diet contains nutritional imbalances due to excess salt, inadequate fibre and insufficient vitamin C.
Adrenaline could, of course, be driving her weight loss drive.

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