Low Carb Diet or Low Fat Diet

You wish to lose weight . So is a low carb diet or a low fat diet the best for weight loss ?
A recent American research study concluded that either diet is fine.
However, many Americans are veering towards a low-carb dieting approach, which Robert Atkins made popular in the 1970s?
Many American doctors are baffled by this controversy as 3 out of 5 Americans are overweight or obese, ought to reduce the amount they eat and reduce the amount of sugar present in their diets, by cutting down on sweets and carbs. Doctors recommend that more Americans eat real foods, that is, that those that are less or not at all processed.
It is vital that increasing numbers of Americans become mindful of what they eat and do not just eat for the sake of doing so and for the sake of their taste buds.
The crux of this debate is not whether diets are low carb or low fat but whether they are good for you.

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