More Exercise in Schools would Complement Childrens Diets

The mother of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has told politicians that they ought to act promptly to avert Scotland’s young sporting talent from drowning “in a diet of chip fat”.
Coach Judy Murray stated the lives of Scots on as well as off the sports field may be improved should there be more emphasis on physical exercise in schools.
In The Scotsman, Mrs Murray appealed to the political parties to consider increasing PE lessons to at least four hours per week.
A third, of young people consumes fruit and veg on a daily basis.
This combined with the startling rate of youth drop-out from sport highlights the need for urgent remedial action if Scotland’s sporting and other aspirations are “not to drown in a diet of chip fat.”
Such practical action would not improve the health of the nation it would also ensure that many millions of pounds are not expended on hospital care later on in the lives of Scots youth.

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