Potatoes in Diets of Children is Healthy

New research illustrates that children eating non-fried white potatoes is a healthy addition to their diets .
However, this addition must not displace other vegetables from their meals, but makes their diet rich in nutrients and adds to the overall servings of other vegetables .
White potatoes contain high quantities of potassium, fibre and vitamin C.
A medium-sized potato with its skin on contains only 110 calories per serving.
It contains 620gms of potassium that is more than that of a banana and provides nearly half our daily requirement of vitamin C.
The non fried potato with skin on has no fat, salt or cholesterol content.
The dietary habits of 11,500 children aged between 5 and-18 were studied for the purposes of this study.
The researchers found that children’s meals with non fried white potatoes also contained more vegetables than those children who did not have non fried white potatoes.

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