The Diet which Guarantees Weight Loss for a Lifetime

A new diet plan guarantees that individuals are going to lose weight for a lifetime.
The diet’s creator as well as author of the publication, ‘The 17 Day Diet’, claims that individuals who adhere to his plan are going to achieve results which will last for an entire lifetime.
The plan has four cycles, with each cycle consisting of 17 days where you vary carbs, proteins, fruit and other types of foods to stimulate your metabolism and weight loss .
Moreno stated that each cycle lasts 17 days as that’s right time for the body to begin to realise the diet is habitual and metabolism begins to slow down as a result.
The diet does not prohibit certain foods however there are specific dos and don’ts.
You are meant to use spices and fruit instead of sugar . You use garlic and cinnamon. And opt for mustard as opposed to mayonnaise. No fruit or specific kinds of carbs are permitted after 2 p.m.
Greek yoghurt is a major part of this plan, and dieters getting to eat a cookie for breakfast.
TV channels have described this diet as the only diet for everyone.

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