Vegetarian Diet Slashes Heart Disease Risk

Sticking to a vegetarian diet can cut your risk of developing heart disease by half so says new research.
Vegetarians have a third less chance to undergo suffer heart problems, strokes or diabetes compared to meat eaters.
It is commonly known that a diet containing excess processed meat, like bacon and sausages, can drastically increase your risk of developing various cancers .
Multiple research studies have highlighted that high fruit and veg diet can reduce cholesterol .
This new study has discovered that those who omit meat and fish totally have a better chance of not getting high blood pressure and exceedingly high levels of “bad” cholesterol which lead to heart as well as other problems.
Vegetarians have a 36 per cent lower rate of developing metabolic syndrome, a combination of symptoms known to be a precursor to diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.
“Semi-vegetarians”, that is, those who still eat chicken, have a somewhat lower risk of developing such conditions.

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