Diet can Affect Acne

Doctors need more comprehensive and thorough evidence in order to provide acne sufferers with appropriate treatment, so say experts contributing to The Lancet.
A seminar article urges further research into commonly used acne treatments to find out which ones are effective.
Acne affects the skin of 80 per cent of teenagers at some point; it can also affect older people .
In spite of the numerous products available, many of which are expensive, there is minimal evidence as to which ones are the most effective .
Authors who were contributing to the seminar stated that there are only a few studies which compare treatments with regard to safety and effectiveness.
Concern was expressed too at the long-term use of antibiotics for treatment of acne which may contribute to bacterial resistance which heightens the need to test treatment regimes and develop more effective non-antibiotic remedies.
The authors claimed that not much is known in terms of the causes of acne as well as its treatment. Factors including sunlight, skin care and diet are all considered to affect acne, yet supporting evidence is missing.
Acne suffers could be radically altering their lifestyles for better skin health, however, to no avail.

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