Further Diet Myths Exposed

Here are some more diet myths busted.
Many people think that a lot of exercise will ensure weight loss. This depends on the amount of calories you are taking in.
It is often the case that people who work out a lot eat more and expect to lose weight.
If your calorie deficit is enough then of course you will lose weight .
A lot of people also think that sweating it out at the gym for many hours is the answer to weight loss.
You can be fit and lose weight with just a 20 minutes jog and a 15 minutes workout to tone your muscles.
In addition, you can do some short aerobics and cardio sessions, given that you are eating within your calorie budget.
Most of us have tried a crash diet at some time or another to lose a few pounds over a few days. Short diet plans are fine for losing weight temporarily; they are not permanent solutions.
Lots of people consider that small, regular meals are best for the metabolism.
It is a diet myth. Switching to five small, health mini-meals are not scientifically better for you than three main meals. It is just what you prefer that matters.

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