Hollywood A Lister Eva Mendes Discloses Diet Secrets

Hollywood A lister Eva Mendes has disclosed that her diet secrets are bread and pasta.
Eva Mendes has had starring roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Other Guys and 2 Fast 2 Furious and has an extremely toned body.
The 37 year old actress claims that her healthy diet contains carbohydrates, as bread and pasta are amongst her favourite foods .
In a recent interview she said that she focuses on the inside out, which is about the right diet plan and enough water. She is careful what she eats; she does not touch red meat and eats a great deal of fish and brown rice.
In terms of bread she prefers the wholemeal variety.
Eva also does a lot of exercise to keep so slim; she does light weight training at the gym up three times a week and does some serious cardio, including interval running and sprinting.
Her cardio programme lasts 35 minutes and the weight training an hour. She also does ashtanga yoga twice weekly.
Her exercise regime and healthy eating give Eva a honed, yet feminine body which is an inspiration to many.

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