Kim Kardashian on Diet before Her Wedding

Kim Kardashian is set to marry fiancé Kris Humphries on August 20th.
So she is dieting and exercising prior to the big day.
She has also been trying herbal treatments for weight loss.
In the last two years she has undertaken a lot of exercise to keep the weight off and kept an eye on her diet.
She has also developed psoriasis, askin disease which affects more than 500,000 of us in the UK.
Not only is Kim trying to lose weight in the last week before her wedding, she now has the added complication of having developed angry red rashes on her body.
As her wedding day nears the pressure would appear to be on.
She has to look her best and no doubt will pull out her trump card on the day.
Her doctor is said to have advised her to slow down to get the stress levels down, however, that does not appear to be a practical option at present.

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