More Brits Opting for Diet Pills

Brits are so stressed out that they are comfort eating to feel better then taking diet pills to lose weight.
Diet pill prescriptions have sky rocketed by 65% in the last year, according to pharmacists, with sales of slimming products available over the counter having increased by 20%.
Stress and depression are the main reasons for putting on weight for 12.5% of individuals. Those who diet regularly are also feeling extra pressure to be slim and many of them feel they are going to be victims of obesity ­discrimination.
This increase in use of diet pills is due to it being viewed as an easier option to altering eating habits or going to the gym.
The research was undertaken for Co-operative Pharmacy; it confirmed that: “While medication can help to promote weight loss in certain circumstances, it is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and exercise.”
Moreover the Department of Health added: “Clinical guidelines on obesity make it clear that drug treatments should be prescribed only if diet and exercise have been tried and after discussion of the risks and benefits.”

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