Poor Diet and Drinking Places UK Women at High Risk of Cancer

A poor diet and drinking places 25 per cent of British women at risk of cancer.
British women are more susceptible of developing cancer than anywhere else in Europe.
The poor diets, excess drinking and obesity are accountable for this.
Cancer campaigning charities state that this makes British women 17 per cent more likely to suffer from cancer than their European counterparts.
The Worldwide Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has forecast that 80,000 cases of cancer could be prevented every year should the public maintain a healthy weight, remain active, eat properly and not drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
WCRF research highlights that 1 in 5 of our European female counterparts are likely to develop cancer by the age of 75.
Moreover, British women were more likely to die from this disease prior to 75 than their European counterparts, with 10.6 per cent dying from the cancer in contrast to 9.4 per cent in Europe.
British men fare better in this respect compared to their European counterparts. European men on average are at a 29.5 per cent risk of developing cancer prior to the age of 75, in contrast to 27.8 per cent for British men.
British men are 6 per cent less likely to die from cancer, with 13.3 per cent dying from this disease in contrast to the European average of 16.2 per cent.

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