The Mango Diet Swamps America

We have had the cabbage soup diet, the acai berry diet and other weight loss crazes.
Now the mango diet is swamping America.
The mango diet would appear to be here with a vengeance, even though mangoes are low in calories .
Mangoes are very succulent and delicious. They are juicy, fragrant and sweet and tropical. Nowadays they are available world wide.
The mango diet involves the African “bush mango,” a wild species which is said to have a special agent known as IGOB131 which is considered to rid the body of fats.
Mango dieters assert that the seeds of the fruit have “special fibre” which clings to cholesterol, thereby ridding the body of unwanted fats which result in quick weight loss .
The connection between fibres from fruits and control of fat is ancient.
Multiple fruits have fibres which assist in lowering cholesterol.
There are many fruits, such as, oranges, apples, dates, figs, nectarines and pears, which contain beneficial fibres which enable the body to control fats in the blood.
Hence, the benefit of the African mango is not new. Soluble fibres do keep cholesterol in check.

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