Coffee in Your Daily Diet is Fine for You

Robert J Davis PhD states that coffee is fine for you.
Davis takes the myth out of many foods.
Black, sugarless coffee, is fine, whereas, sweet, milky coffee is full of calories .
Davis’ findings when deciphering diet and nutrition research which deals with many of the claims around staples in our diets is out in January 2011.
We are continuously bombarded with new information, a lot of it contradicting what has previously been said.
This adds up to most of us not knowing what is good for us with regard the foods in our daily diets .
Davis writes that coffee drinkers do not have a higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, however, they seem to have a slightly lower risk than those who do not drink coffee .
He also says that coffee does not increase the likelihood of cancer it actually lowers the possibility in certain cases.

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