High Protein Foods Help with Weight Loss

A low calorie diet which is high in protein, mainly from dairy foods, and has fewer carbohydrates combined with daily exercise has a positive effect on the bone health of obese and overweight young women.
These are the findings of recent research undertaken at the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University.
The researchers discovered that improvements in bone health were especially evident due to the high density of bone-supportive nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and protein from dairy products.
Over a period of four months, three groups of obese and overweight premenopausal women were given little, some or a lot of dairy food products along with higher or lower amounts of protein and carbohydrates.
All the women were on an exercise regime too.
The findings of the research demonstrate the significance of diet composition to the bone health status during weight loss.
The researchers stress that it is very important for young women who are trying to lose weight to stick to a diet higher in protein from dairy products.

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