Mediterranean Diet Associated with Greater Longevity

The Mediterranean diet contains a lot of fish and vegetables which promotes a longer, healthier life, according to new research.
A University of Gothenburg study has shown that since the 1950s a Mediterranean diet, involving a lot of fish and veg, and minimal animal-based products like meat and milk, promotes better health .
Scientists there have studied the effects of a Mediterranean diet on older Swedish people.
They compared 70 year olds who adhere to a Mediterranean diet to those who eat more meat and animal products over 40 years.
The results highlighted that those who stick to a Mediterranean diet have a 20 per cent higher likelihood of living longer.
In practice this means that older people who eat a Mediterranean diet live around 2 to 3 years longer than those who stick to other diets .
These results are supported by three more unpublished studies into Mediterranean diets and their health effects; one was undertaken on participants in Denmark, the second northern Swedish children, and the third one on children.
The conclusion that can be drawn is that a Mediterranean diet is associated with better health for older people and youngsters.

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