Peaches Geldof Criticised for her Diet Advice

Peaches Geldof, Bob Geldof’s daughter, has been criticised for her diet advice.
She claims to not eat solids for a month at a time in order to look thin.
She has lost a stone and a half since August, dropping from ten stones to 8 and a half stones.
There is a lot of concern that her sudden weight loss could be due to drug use as in September she was photographed in September with dark bruises near the veins on her left arm.
However, Peaches is adamant that her losing weight is to due a diet of liquefied vegetables.
Peaches said that she can lose up ten pounds a month on this diet plan.
She juices vegetables and drinks the concoction thrice a day. She has said that this liquid diet usually lasts a month.
She loses weight and then returns to her normal diet which includes chips.

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