What is a Low Cholesterol Diet

When cholesterol appears in your bloodstream, the vessels can get clogged. This occurs due to there being excess plaque created by cholesterol. At this point, the blood is not able to travel freely throughout your body.
Once that happens, the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen cannot reach vital organs which results in these organs malfunctioning.
The heart then attempts to stop that happening by overworking. However, the heart too can feel the strain with heart ailments happening over time.
The key to a low cholesterol diet is eating fish, lots of vegetables and wholegrain. The majority of these foods have zero cholesterol content.
Most dairy products have a high cholesterol content, therefore, you ought to limit your intake of milk, cheese and yoghurt. It is necessary to avoid cream and margarine. It is advisable not to have more than three portions of low fat dairy products a day.
We all add a bit of oil in our cooking from time to time. Choosing oil with the least cholesterol content is advisable, for example, safflower oil. Even then you ought to limit yourself to a maximum of eight tablespoons per day.
There is a lot of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains in a low cholesterol diet . If you are not a lover of these foods then you will need to train yourself to get used to them.

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