A Healthy Diet is Essential for Young Women

Women in their twenties ought to take particular care of their health .
A balanced, healthy diet and exercise are two of the best methods of looking after your total wellbeing.
Young women need to pay specific attention to their diets as they often work long hours, need to meet strict deadlines and endure quite a lot of stress .
In addition, young women eat out frequently, eat junk food or hardly anything. Often young women neglect exercise which only adds to poor health.
Dealing with the boyfriend, friends and perhaps a husband and children all add to the stress levels for working women. This also impacts upon physical and mental health.
Nutritionists state that it is important fo young women to limit their caffeine intake to a maximum of two cups of coffee a day as they need to build their calcium levels, especially if they are physically active.
It is important for young women to eat soya in their diet as it provides protection against heart disease and cancer .
For strong muscles you need calcium, as well as a higher number of calories, protein and vitamins . Moreover, it is essential to have sufficient fluid intake to balance the acidity in the body.

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