Cameron Diaz Diet is Upside Down

Cameron Diaz has a personal trainer, Teddy Bass, who not only puts her through her paces at the gym, but, also ensures she eats healthily.
According to Teddy, Cameron Diaz has an “upside down” diet.
He confirms that the 38 year old actress has a healthy, balanced diet plan however she is not scared of indulging in certain high calorie treats.
He confirms that her diet is upside-down as she eats her carbs at the start of the day and then eats her protein and veg later on.
She trains with Teddy five times a week to retain her “lean and strong” figure which involves doing 45 minutes of Pilates and 45 minutes of half weights.
Cameron appears to be blessed with good genes. Yet she still exercises and loves having a strong, lean body as opposed to curves.

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