Diet Drink Aimed at Men

To carve a further niche in the diet soda market, Dr Pepper has launched a brand new sugary diet drink called Dr Pepper 10.
It only has 10 calories in a can, so, you would presume that this drink is being marketed to weight -conscious women.
Well, have a re-think. The marketing slogan for this drink is that it is “not for women”.
This drink is being targeted at “manly men”. By thoroughly testing this drink on middle-aged men with middle-incomes based in middle America, Dr Pepper is anticipating crushing competition.
Diet Coke, Diet 7-Up, Pepsi Max and Diet Mountain Dew have not very successfully tried to market their diet drinks towards men in the past.
It is not surprising that Dr Pepper wish to tackle the men’s diet drinks market, given than the majority of diet drinks are aimed at women.
In addition, given the health concerns linking soda to obesity and diabetes, men need to discover a way to reduce calories too.

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