Good Sources of Protein for a Vegetarian Diet

For vegetarians, particularly vegans, it is essential to have adequate protein in your diet . The choice to become vegetarian is a healthy and ethical choice.
We are meant to have around 0.8 grams of quality protein per kilogram of body weight on daily basis.
On a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, dairy and eggs are great sources of high-quality protein. The weekly recommended limit on whole eggs is seven due to their cholesterol levels however, you can eat as many egg whites as you wish, with their high-quality protein.
Low-fat and fat-free dairy are great sources of protein, with bone-building calcium and, as in the case of fortified milk, vitamin D.
Should you have be on a vegan diet, that is, one without eggs or dairy, there are multiple protein choices including peas, beans, seeds, nuts and soya.

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