Italian Women Have Changed Their Diets

Italian women no longer fulfil the”Big Mamma” stereotypes.
Gone are the days of generically overweight Italian women. Brand new market research has discovered that Italian women are the only Europeans getting thinner in context of the obesity epidemic which has hit the Western world.
The reason for this situation is that the Italians have, more than other Europeans nations, stuck to their traditional diet, the Mediterranean diet, considered to be the healthiest Western diet. They also pay a lot more attention to their weight than others.
An international study published in The Lancet highlights that the BMI for Italian women has dropped from 25.2 in 1980 to 24.9 in 1990 and 24.8 in 2008, which is certainly not the trend in other European countries.
In the UK, the average BMI for women has increased from 24.2 in 1980, to 25.2 in 1990 and 26.9 in 2008. American women have experienced a bigger increase in BMI. from 25.0 in 1980 to 28.3 in 2008.

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