Janet Jackson Comes Out with Diet Book

American songstress, Janet Jackson, has come out with a self-help and diet book, titled True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself.
This book is available in bookstores in the UK and USA on February 15, a few days after the launch of her 35-city world tour.
David Ritz, who co-wrote Marvin Gaye’s tune “Sexual Healing,” has co written this book, which details her difficulties regarding weight loss and self esteem issues and how she overcame them.
The book explores her life including yo-yo dieting; losing weight and related esteem issues became problematic as young as ten.
At that age, upon being cast in the American TV sitcom Good Times, she was told to lose weight and bind her breasts, which had begun to develop.
The consistent message was devastating; she was being told repeatedly that her body was wrong.
She considered that she had to change the way she looked.
Janet Jackson’s purpose for writing the book is to help others find peace with themselves.

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