Keep Cancer at Bay by Changes to Your Diet

There is new hope for cancer prevention. By introducing slight changes to what we stock in our kitchens and to our diets we could lessen our risk of developing cancer .
Oncologists, or cancer specialists, are recommending the introduction of turmeric for prevention of head and neck cancer, as well as certain extracts of green tea, high in antioxidants, and aspirin. Aspirin is meant to play a key role in colon cancer prevention.
Certain cancers, such as, breast cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer are all highly affected by changes in lifestyle, according to oncologists.
The Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre is India is undertaking random clinical trials on 220 oral cancer patients, by introducing doses of turmeric to their diet . The results will be announced in March. This follows many trials involving use of aspirin to reduce inflammation within the body, a common symptom of several cancers.

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