Obesity Rises Sixfold in Infants Weaned Early onto Solid Diet

Breastfeeding is considered to be beneficial for a baby. This has been demonstrated in many studies.
New research highlights that a solid diet ought not to be given to a baby before he or she reaches six months heightens the risk of obesity later in life.
Obesity is a leading chronic health condition.
A study was conducted with 847 three year olds and it compared obesity rates of children breastfed for at least four months and those who were breastfed for fewer months.
Those who were breastfed did not develop the possibility of obesity. However, those who were given formula milk or who were breastfed for less than 4 months developed up to a six fold chance of becoming obese.
It is imperative that solids are not introduced in the first four months of a child’s life as it does not serve the child well later in life, increasing his or her chances of becoming obese.

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