Research into Diets of Australian Children

New research has been undertaken into the diets of Australain high school children.
A third of Australian high school children consume at least four cups of soft drinks on a weekly basis, according to the research.
A national diet and exercise survey undertaken with high school students has raised grave concerns amongst health professionals, educators and parents.
The survey highlights that a quarter of students are overweight or obese . An astounding 85 per cent of students do not exercise enough to get a health benefit.
In terms of fruit and vege intake, over three quarters of students do not consume the daily recommended intake of four vegetable servings.
Nearly 6 out of 10 students do not satisfy the daily recommended intake of three servings of fruit.
Advertising plays a great part in what the students eat and drink, with over a half having tried a new food or drink product in the last month which they had seen advertised on tv.
The research was undertaken for the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation.
The high levels of being overweight and obesity, lack of exercise and lack of a healthy diet are of great concern.

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