Should we Make Breakfast an Important Meal in Our Daily Diet

Should we breakfast like kings and queens, lunch like princes and princesses and dine like paupers?
It is best to mix your carbohydrates and protein to remain fuller for longer. Just having carbs is not as good as mixing the two food groups.
Protein converts to glucose extremely slowly. This means that your cells are not flooded with more glucose than it can handle.
Stable blood sugar levels signify energy levels remaining balanced for longer. Therefore, the mid-morning energy dip can be staved off.
A poached egg or scrambled egg, your protein, on wholemeal toast, your complex carbs, combine to make an ideal breakfast. Complex carbs are converted from food to glucose slowly; the body needs glucose for energy.
Most of us prefer to sleep a little longer or savour our cup of coffee or tea that bit longer than cook a good, healthy breakfast.

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