A Mediterranean Diet can Be Your New Year Diet

Should you be looking for a diet to kick-start 2011, then you may wish to stick to the Mediterranean diet .
This diet is more of a healthy lifestyle than a diet .
The Mediterranean diet consists of eating healthy foods, such as, fresh fruit and veg, olive oil, whole grains, fish and pulses.
This diet has great benefits and can provide protection against heart disease, certain cancers and some signs of aging.
The Meditteranean diet has also been proven to make for better cognitive functioning of the brain. A recent American study highlighted that individuals who adhered to this diet experienced considerably slower rates of cognitive decline.
Researchers from the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute in Italy discovered that found that women who consumed more olive oil and leafy green vegetables were less susceptible to developing heart disease. In fact, three tablespoons or 45 ml of olive oil or a serving of leafy vegetables daily reduced the risk of heart disease by a dramatic 40%.

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