A Vegan Diet Becomes More Popular

A vegan diet used to be mocked as a fringe diet for hippies and sandal-wearing so called drop outs.
However, veganism in the USA is becoming increasingly popular.
The vegan “Skinny Bitch” diet book is a best-seller and vegan staples, such as, tofu and tempeh are available at most supermarkets .
Certian chain restaurants are keenly promoting their purely-plant menu items.
Vegans today cover a range of people from various backgrounds, ethnicities and professions.
It is also a lot easier to be a vegan nowadays than before as more produce is available locally and there are many more interesting ways of cooking vegan food.
A vegan menu is not just restricted to brown rice, lentils and steamed veg any more.
Vegans differ to vegetarians as they shun all animal products. Hence, a vegan will not eat meat, eggs, cheese, honey or mayonnaise.
Thos who are vegans for ethical reasons are morally averse to harming animals for their consumption, be it a rump steak or leather shoes.

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