Being a Little Bit Plump is Good for Your Health

It may sound like an excuse yet scientists claim that remaining a bit plump could be better for your health .
The researchers are not recommending that you become obese or heavily overweight . Yet a few pounds of extra weight may actually enable people to live longer.
The California University study monitored 350,000 Americans; it suggested that those who are obese in fact place their health at greater danger when they attempt to slim down obsessively.
It recommends that we ought to eat a balanced, varied diet, and regularly exercise, even if we are still carrying those extra few pounds.
The researchers continued to say that society is obsessed with dieting which is “ineffective” and frequently makes individuals fatter as they crave for food and end up binging.
This study claims that being obese does not put people at a higher risk of heart disease and other illnesses.
The study claims that “being fat” is not the cause of such diseases; the researchers blame inadequate exercise and a poor diet .

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