Diet Helps Reduce and Manage Stress Levels

Approximately one out of seven Britons feels that he or she is under extreme stress, so says a recent survey.
Stress can of course help increase blood pressure, placing you at a higher risk of stroke .
In addition, an unhealthy diet and minimal exercise can contribute to the likelihood of suffering a stroke. Strokes are the third biggest killer in England and Wales, after heart disease and cancer .
Strokes account for around 67,000 deaths each year, with approximately 150,000 people suffering a stroke on an annual basis.
2,000 people were interviewed and nearly 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men consider thatl their stress levels are not in check.
The survey was conducted by the Stroke Association as well the engineering company Siemens, the sponsors of the British rowing team.
It discovered that 20 per cent of respondents do not exercise at all. Around 20 per cent of respondents exercised for 30 minutes, just once a week.
A quarter of those aged between 45 to 54 stated they did not exercise at all, in spite of enduring the highest stress levels. Around 50 per cent of respondents stated that they were experiencing more than “moderate stress”.
40 per cent of respondents were not aware of the association between exercise and reducing your risk of suffering a stroke.
It is crucial that individuals exercise frequently and adhere to a healthy diet to lower their risk of a stroke.

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