Diets are Not Risk Free

Losing weight is always promoted as a method to improve your health .
According to recent Australian research, lots of weight loss programmes do not help keep diseases at bay, as people who diet are prone to put weight back on.
There neeeds to be more education about different diets not having a permanent impact on weight loss and, therefore, disease prevention.
To test the possible effect of different diets, the researchers tested a low fat diet, the other a diet high in whole grains and veg, with 180 minutes of exercise weekly.
Individuals lost an average 8 to 12 pounds on the diets and the weight stayed off for around 6 months.
However, the weight was put on slowly, and within six years, the dieters had put the weight back on, thus negating any previous weight loss .
Nearly three quarters of American adults are overweight or obese .
The extra pounds heighten the risk of multiple ailments, including diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and certain kinds of cancer .

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