French Women on Diet for the New Year

2011 sees many Frenchwomen keenly embracing diets, exercise and health plans, in order to lose the weight put on during the festive season.
French men could not be any more happy; French men wish their women to lose weight in order to look good.
French men’s motive appears not be concern about their women’s health or self-esteem: they are bothered about how their arm candy looks.
It would appear that if you put too many pounds on, as a French woman your man may ditch you.
It would seem that this is not an empty threat.
Charles Aznavour sang in his chart-topping song from 1960, “You’re Letting Yourself Go”: “How could you ever please me. How could I ever make love to you. If only you’d make an effort. Lose weight, do a little sport. Look at yourself in the mirror…”

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