Good Health is Linked with a Healthy Diet

Recent research from the University of Oxford has discovered that you can lower your risk and live longer by just altering your diet to a more healthy diet .
If you eat a miniimum of 8 portions of fruits and vegetables each day you lower your risk of dying from heart disease by 22%, in comparison to eating one or two portions.
It is important to drink 100% fruit juice, as well as fresh, dried or cooked fruit. Should you eat big salad, you get two servings of vegetables straight away.
A portion is half a grapefruit, a medium apple, a small potato or half a mug of cooked carrots.
A small bottle of 100% fruit juice is equal to two servings of fruit or veg .
Its is best to try and eat at least two portions of fruit and veg a day and build up.
Several studies have highlighted that eating more fruits and veg can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, likelihood of of heart disease and diabetes .

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