Huge Breakfasts Do Not Aid Diets

Lots of people have huge breakfasts and presume they will eat fewer calories throughout the day.
However, German researchers state that this dieting tactic does not work.
They studied 400 people over two weeks, where each individual maintained a diet diary in which every intake was recorded.
Those participants who ate huge breakfasts in fact ate more calories than those who did not have big breakfasts, to the tune of 400 extra calories every day.
It would appear that a big fry up for breakfast does not make much difference to the amount we eat at lunch and dinner.
Yet this does not mean that skipping breakfast is good sense.
Skipping breakfast could lead to you snacking on not so healthy foods later in the day.
Other studies have highlighted that individuals who have breakfast have more balanced diets than those who avoid having this meal, are less prone to being overweight, have greater success losing weight and are a lower risk of developing specific diseases.
Porridge is considered to be an excellent choice for breakfast as it provides you with slow releasing, complex carbohydrates which make you feel fuller for longer.

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