Many Americans Think They Eat a Healthy Diet

In a recent health survey of Americans, a third of them considered that they were a healthy weight when their body mass index, BMI , stated otherwise; their BMI showed that they are overweight or obese .
A further 8 per cent considered that they were overweight or obese, however, their BMIs stressed they were not.
Many Americans consider that they have a healthy diet when they evidently do not.
43 per cent of respondents claimed to drink a sugary soda or sweetened drink on a daily basis, with only a quarter saying that they limited their sweet intake, as well as sugars and fats in their diets .
40 per cent of interviewees claimed to eat “pretty much everything” or “mostly everything” they liked.
A handful of respondents counted calories or take care to weigh themselves; indeed, 40 per cent got their weight wrong when asked to report their weight.
A third of American adults are obese, and weight loss is the second most popular new year’s resolution in 2011, second to stopping smoking.
These are the findings of a recent poll published last week by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

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