Mediterranean Diet Good for Cognitive Functioning

A Mediterranean diet which includes foods such as fish and vegetables are great for your brain.
Some wine, lots of fruit, veg, legumes, olive oil and fish has been credited with enabling the prevention of multiple illnessness, cancer, heart disease and diabetes .
To identify whether or not slower brain aging could join the diet’s list of possible health benefits, researchers considerd the dietary habits and cognitive function of around 4,000 older Americans.
The researchers scored the participants on the basis of adherence to the traditional Greek diet and another based on participants meeting the 2005 U.S. Dietary Guidelines. An assessment of the participants’ mental decline was made every 3 years, based on measures like basic mathematical skills and word memory.
Those on the Greek diet had slower cognitive decline over a period of time.
All the foods appear to play a roe in protecting the brain from damage. Mediterranean foods could also contain properties which lower stress and inflammation which are both considered to play a part in Alzheimer’s disease.

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