The Mediterranean Diet Helps the Health of Your Brain

The Mediterranean diet is considered to improve the health of your brain.
Doctors have long known that the Mediterranean diet maintains healthy hearts, and enables you to lose weight easily.
New research has highlighted another reason why this diet, high in fruit, veg and olive oil, is beneficial for your brain.
4,000 dieters were studied in Chicago and it was discovered that those who ate the most fruit, veg, fish, pulses, beans and olive oil performed the best mentally.
All participants in the study were aged 65 plus, rendering them most potentially vulnerable to mental deterioration.
Weight loss is something many of us are chasing. The New Year of course brings about many resolutions to lose weight .
However, how many of us do actually stick to our plans?
Losing weight is essential for those who need to as it lowers the risk of developing several health conditions.
Those who avoid obesity are less susceptible to developing diabetes and get heart problems.
Approximately a quarter of British adults are obese, with even more overweight .
2011 could be the year to become disciplined and lose the weight you have been intending to for a while.

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