Variety is the Spice of a Diet

Eating a healthy diet containing delicious, tasty food is something we all aspire to do.
It is very important to eat fresh, cooked foods, low in saturated fats and salt for a healthy diet .
Nutritionists would say that eating proper foods is the tip for a balanced, wholesome diet .
So what should you buy when you are at the supermarket? On the whole, the foods you ought to buy are based around the periphery of most supermarkets, such as, fruit, veg, bread, milk, eggs, pulses, pasta, rice, natural cereals, seeds, nuts and vegetable oils .
It is also important to purchase at least four different kinds of fruit and veg every week.
Variety is the spice of a diet and of life and such variety will provide you sufficient vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for good health .

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