Women Consider Their Reflections as Fat

When most women look in the mirror, they consider their reflections to be fat.
Just 13 per cent of women who are currently a healthy weight are content with their reflections, so says new research.
The study was funded by the diet company Slimming World.
It highlights how women continue to have unrealistic views about their own weight.
An astounding 17 per cent of healthy women described themselves as ‘fat’ and stated that they felt ‘down’ upon looking at their reflections.
Only 6 per cent of respondents with a healthy body mass index defined themselves as slim.
It would appear that women are much more concerned about their weight than men and they are not keen on how they look.
Clothes shopping and getting dressed to go out causes women great anxiety.
Another survey conducted in December 2009 highlighted that British women have an unhealthy attitude towards to dieting ; despite the fact that a third have have been on diets over the last twelve months, nearly 90 per cent have failed to inur any long term weight loss .

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