Calorie Counting Meals Great for Healthy Diet

Calorie counting at meals is good for a healthy diet and tackling obesity head on.
A recent American study undertaken by a New York city team has highlighted that many customers at restaurants choose their meals by calorie counts that are placed on the menu to enable them to stick to a healthy diet.
A group of New Yorkers was monitored before and after March 2008 when fast food chains in NYC began placing the number of calories per dish on the menu.
1 out of 6 study participants stated that they looked through the calorie counts to ensure that they made choices apt for a healthy diet. Thus they made food choices which with 106 fewer calories than customers who did not have access to calorie counts.
The NYC rule for calorie posting will become national next autumn; it is part of the 2010 health care reform bill.
It is evident that New Yorkers wishing to reduce their calorie intake are using calorie charts to do so.
By food chains being expected to show the number of calories in food items, New Yorkers can adhere to a healthy diet more easily than they would otherwise be able to.
The survey demonstrates that customers who are use the calorie charts make food choices of fewer calories.
It is a tried and tested way of tackling obesity and other related medical conditions. This is a system that we in the UK could also benefit from.

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