Children Need Dietary Guidance from Parents

Nutritionists state that nearly two-thirds of children, that is, 63 per cent are going to be medically obese by 2050.
Moreover, a recent survey has stated that many parents admit that their children do not eat as healthily when they are on their summer holidays.
More than 50 per cent of UK parents consider that their children have better diets during term time, with 59 per cent of parents in Scotland stating that it is usually cheaper or easier for their children to eat less healthy snacks.

The figures highlight that 43 per cent of parents in Scotland admit allowing their children to indulge in snacks to avoid being pestered by them.
50 per cent of UK parents affirmed that they find it difficult to conjure up interesting ways of providing a healthy diet for their children.
Given the Department of Health’s recent statement that more than 500,000 children are putting their livers at risk due to a “culture of overeating”, it is imperative that parents provide sound guidance to their children regarding their diet.

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