Ditch Trans Fats from Your Diet

A Scottish doctor has said that harmful trans fats, chemically altered vegetable oils which are added to such products as cakes, biscuits and fast foods, ought to be removed from the British diet .
Dr Lewis Morrison has stated that the synthetic fats are bad for the health, triggering the development of conditions like heart disease .
He recommends that trans fats ought not to be added to foods in the UK, especially given that there have been bans in other countries.
The BMA’s board of science has gone on record to say that they will be investigating the issue of trans fats and diet and would report later on about their findings.
Certain food manufacturers have removed trans fats from their products.
Dr Morrison stated that they were added to foods for “cosmetic” reasons, like enhanced texture and longer shelf-life; they have no use nutritionally.
He stresses that the use of synthetic trans fats in food in the UK has to be and must be stopped.

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